Talking Industry Live

Talking Industry Live debuted at co-located events; Drives & Controls, Smart Industry Expo, Fluid Power & Systems, Plant & Asset Management, and Air-Tech alongside The Knowledge Hub.  Featuring a free comprehensive programme of presentations and panel discussions strategically located in two theatres at the heart of the 2022 co-location.

The uptake of smart technologies in the industrial sector will be central to our future, by improving our national productivity, creating higher value jobs, and arming our workforce with the digital skills required in the decades ahead.

Global initiatives and the technological paradigm shift associated with the Industrial Internet of Things, shows that there is a growing opportunity for industry to take advantage of the creativity and entrepreneurial nature of UK companies.

The programme fully reflects the ongoing global transformation to the smart manufacturing era and provide a fascinating insight into the potential plants of the future, with high profile panel discussions and seminars from leading expert figures in the industry.

Over the course of the three-day seminar programme, visitors had the opportunity to learn how they can seize the opportunities that exist and promote the benefits of adopting emerging digital technologies.

The variety and scope of the seminar programme for 2022 was extremely exciting, adding real value. The combination of leading manufacturing events, with a highly focused seminar programme, we hope has given visitors a genuine opportunity to keep abreast of the latest industry developments.

Robotics and Advanced Automation

Across a multitude of industries, challenged by the diversification of end-user needs and labour shortages, automation can handle advanced work demands and changes. But robots no longer need to work alone; collaborative robots work hand-in-hand with humans, balancing safety with the need for flexibility and productivity. This panel discussion will discuss the future potential of robotics and automation technologies across manufacturing. 

Mike Wilson, Chief Automation Officer, Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) 

Nikesh Mistry, Sector Head for Industrial Automation, GAMBICA

Vaibhav Boricha, Director, VIKASO

Chair: Andy Pye 

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Maintenance 4.0: The Future of Asset Management

Maintenance 4.0 is a machine-assisted digital form of all the things we have being doing for the past 40 years to ensure our assets deliver value for our organisations. Maintenance 4.0 includes a holistic view of sources of data, ways to connect it, ways to collect it, and ways to analyse it. This panel discussion will look at the arguments surrounding the benefits, challenges, and overall importance of implementing a Maintenance 4.0 strategy in today’s factories and plants. 

Dean Whittle, Senior Reliability Engineer, RMS Reliability

Phil Owen, Managing Director, SPM Instrument UK

Daniel Phillips-Fern, IXON UK & Ireland Country Manager 

Chair: Prof John Ahmet Erkoyuncu, Cranfield University 

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Bridging the Engineering Skills Gap for Factories of Future

To futureproof both our recovery and future, Government and industry need to address not just the immediate term skills and training needs, but also the mid-term. At the heart of a future education and training system is the need to help manufacturers adopt to new digital technologies. This panel discussion will look at what is needed to support these needs and help bridge any digital skills gaps. 

• Bridging the skills gap with automated engineering 

• Investing in digital skills of the future 

• Inspiring a new generation 

Dr Susan Scurlock, Founder of Primary Engineers

Wg Cdr Russ Barnes, Youth and STEM, Royal Air Force 

Charlotte Swain, Deputy Director for Delivery at the MTC’s Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre 

Chair: Aaron Blutstein 

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The Hidden Menace: Strategies to Avoid Cybercrime

The result of not securing the Smart Factory network is clear. The manufacturing industry is the third most targeted industry for cybercrime, just behind the finance and government sectors. Talking Industry Live will discuss the threats and strategies to help protect facilities from Cybercrime. 

• Secure data handling in the cloud 

• Real time control, safety and security are driving technological innovation in the factory of tomorrow 

• Tackling the robot hack threat 

Nicc Lewis, VP Marketing, ASOCS

Anthony Green, Founder, CTO and Cybercrime expert, Foxtech

Markus Wunsche, Engineering Manager, Processes Methods Tolls, Functional Safety and Cybersecurity Industrial Controls & Protection Division, Eaton Industries

Chair: Ed Holden 

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Adapting to the Smart Era

While an increasing number of enterprise companies and some SMEs are adopting digitally transformative technology, the UK continues to fall behind other nations, including the US and Germany. What can be done to further evangelise the benefits of digitally transformative concepts to improve efficiency and competitive perspective? How can clearer definitions concepts – like IIoT, Industry 4.0 Smart Factory, Digital Twins, Machine Learning, Analytics and AI – be promoted more clearly. 

• AI and robotics: enabling cost-effective production 

• Taking the step-by-step approach to Digital Twins 

• How similar can humans and robots be? 

• Mistakes to avoid when mapping your digital transformation journey 

Nicc Lewis, VP Marketing at ASOCS

Andrew Tyrer and Mark Emerton UKRI, Made Smarter

Nikesh Mistry, Sector Head for Industrial Automation, GAMBICA

Phil Lewis, Senior Vice President, Solution Consulting International (EMEA & APJ), infor 

Chair: Andy Pye

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Fluid Power and Factories of the Future

Today, modern fluid power is an important sector for UK Industry with a large percentage of all production being at least in part dependent on this technology to create motion. With the backdrop of Industry 4.0, fluid Power (pneumatics and hydraulics) will adapt and deliver with the pre-requisite also of safety, efficiency, and environmental demands. Fluid power will be connected, smart and flexible as well as providing safe and environmentally compatible means of providing motion to the factory of the future. We will hear from expert presenters on how both pneumatics and hydraulics are developing and providing solutions for today and tomorrow to our factories of the future. 

Martin Hoskins, Regional Sales Manager, Bosch Rexroth

Martin Costin, Drives & Networks Specialist, SMC

Chair: Paul Cooke, Interim CEO, (BFPA) 

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The Future of Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D printing, uses CAD data or 3D object scanners to deposit material, layer upon layer, in precise geometric shapes. This Talking Industry debate examines the power of additive manufacturing for design, test and production, while exploring the limitations and how these are being addressed. 

• Is Additive manufacturing a serious competitor to mass manufacturing methods? 

• Additive Manufacturing is enabling manufacturers to overcome many limitations of traditional manufacturing processes 

• Revisiting pre-conceptions of Additive Manufacturing 

Dr Alberto Bordi, ASTM International, Head of Additive Manufacturing Programmes – Europe 

Prof Chris Tuck, Associate Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research and Knowledge Exchange (Also Director of Added Scientific Ltd), University of Nottingham

Simon Jones, Chief Technology Officer, Domin Fluid Power

Chair: Andy Pye 

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Industrial Networks, IIOT, 5G and Communications

Connectivity is a one-word summary for Industry 4.0 revolution. From fieldbus to industrial Ethernet, from proprietary technologies to open standards, the evolution of network technologies has improved productivity and increased the interoperability of communication. 

Nicc Lewis, VP Marketing at ASOCS 

Stephane Remy, 5G Solutions Director- BT Enterprise 

Dr Alejandra Matamoros, Technology Manager, MTC 

Ste Ashton, Broadband, 5G, and Connectivity Manager, Worcestershire County Council 

Francois Disch, Industrial Automation Consulting Lead for UK & Ireland at Schneider Electric 

Chair: Nikesh Mistry, Sector Head for Industrial Automation, GAMBICA 

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