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Safety Engineering & Manufacturing – Part 2

Safety engineering may need rethinking in manufacturing plants. The future of process is digital, which creates many opportunities for plant operators to enhance efficiency, increase flexibility and make their plants future-proof.


In Conversation With Sarah Black-Smith

Talking Industry host Aaron Blutstein is in conversation with Sarah Black-Smith, about her career in industry, what it might take to encourage more women into engineering careers, lead times and hopes for UK Manufacturing over the next 5 years.


In Conversation With Dave Atkinson

Talking Industry host Aaron Blutstein is in conversation with Dave Atkinson, Regional Director and UK Head of Manufacturing at Lloyds Banking Group, about his career in industry, how Lloyds are supporting the manufacturing sector in the UK and his hopes for the future.

In Conversation With Mike Wilson

Talking Industry host Aaron Blutstein is in conversation with Mike Wilson, Chief Automation Officer at the Manufacturing Technology Centre, about his career in industry, why the UK needs to adopt robotics and automation, and his hopes for the future of the manufacturing sector in the UK.


The Benefits to Digitalisation in Manufacturing

While an increasing number of enterprise companies and some SMEs are adopting digitally transformative technology, the UK continues to fall behind other nations, including the US and Germany. What can be done to further evangelise the benefits of digitally transformative concepts to improve efficiency and competitive perspective? How can clearer definitions concepts – like IIoT, Industry 4.0 Smart Factory, Digital Twins, Machine Learning, Analytics and AI – be promoted more clearly?

Energy Efficiency and Net Zero

The net-zero challenge is of global importance and the UK manufacturing industry’s role in decarbonisation cannot be overlooked. We generate 454.8 million tonnes of CO2 per annum, almost 11% of the UK total, so as a collective we need to invest in and promote new technologies to change our course.

IIOT, Communications and 5G

Connectivity is a one-word summary for the Industry 4.0 revolution. From fieldbus to industrial Ethernet, from proprietary technologies to open standards, the evolution of network technologies has improved productivity and increased the interoperability of communication.
Our exciting, five-man international panel combines new and returning members.

An Introduction to the Talking Industry Podcast

An Introduction to the Talking Industry webinars and podcast, and a little background to DfA Manufacturing Media’s portfolio which is deeply imbedded in the manufacturing sector.  We also introduce our hosts Andy Pye and Aaron Blutstein who will, with their wealth of experience and knowledge guide you through topics such as IIOT, Cybersecurity, Robotics & Automation, Digitalisation and Energy Efficiency. Stay tuned for more…



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