Talking Industry is DFA Media’s innovative series of online panel discussions. A panel of four or five industry experts from the worlds of engineering, automation and manufacturing join our veteran consultant editor and commentator Andy Pye on Zoom to discuss a subject of vital importance to the sector. Now moving into the podcast domain to offer on demand access while on the go, and opening our discussions to a wider global audience.


We welcome applications to join this exclusive forum from leading industry specialists from the community of manufacturing companies who support our leading publications (Drives & Controls, Smart Futures, Plant & Works Engineering, Hydraulics & Pneumatics and Power Electronics Europe). We also welcome ideas for subjects that you would like to see us cover.


The Panel Discussion Format

In each event, the panel discuss up to three key elements of the overarching topic over a period of about 75 minutes. The elements are aligned to the specialisms of the panelists, who meet with our Chairman beforehand. However, the actual event is unscripted itself and may take unexpected turns, based on how the conversation progresses. The webinar audience can also feed questions and comments into the Chat.

The conversation is recorded and available on our social media channels for those wanting to listen again or catch up with what they have missed.

Comment from Talking Industry Chair Andy Pye“It has been really exciting to be in at the ground floor of this new venture into digital publishing. We came up with the idea during the first pandemic lockdown, as a way of communicating with our readers, at a time when many of us could not network in any other way. Chairing Talking Industry sessions is great fun (as well as being intellectually exhausting!) – I liken each discussion to a jazz composition, with a lot of improvisation around a basic theme. Of course, it is just one way of communicating digitally with our audience, and going forward we expect to explore some other exciting opportunities under the Talking Industry brand.”